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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Dan Hodges IS NOT Nostradamus

After getting the 2015 Labour leadership vote wrong, following that with calling the EU referendum wrong, and ploughing on to call the 2016 US Presidential Election wrong, the Mail on Sunday’s not even slightly celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges might have been best advised not to do too much extra-curricular punditry: after all, he had that hardly deserved and obscenely overpaid weekly column to protect.
But Desperate Dan is not one for thinking first: there is the Labour Party to kick whenever the opportunity arises, and whether or not he is right, he has that need to say something, even though more people read his comments just to take the piss out of them than to bother taking them seriously. So it was with the Fake News Corbyn spy story.
Whatever the merits (or lack of them) in the claims, Labour had to be wrong. Hence “I keep hearing this claim ‘the Corbyn spy pretends he organised Live Aid’. What’s the source for that … So ironically, the claim from the Corbynites that the Corbyn spy claimed he arranged Live Aid is itself false”. Soil the bed. We don’t know whether Jan Sarkocy referred to Live Aid, or the Mandela concert. It matters approximately bugger all.
Dan was on more familiar ground with press regulation: “For a long time, Labour have been pretending press regulation was about protecting ‘ordinary people’. Jeremy Corbyn has finally destroyed that myth tonight. It’s about protecting Jeremy Corbyn … Jeremy Corbyn looked directly at the camera. Cited stories negative about Jeremy Corbyn. Said ‘change is coming’. And yet Corbynites are tonight frantically trying to claim Jeremy Corbyn is not a threat to press freedom”. He isn’t. He just restated a manifesto pledge.
But do go on.  One other thing on Corbyn and the media. He claims to be concerned about ownership and diversity. But he was the guy who had a paid role presenting for the sole broadcaster owned by the Iranian state”. That’s a false equivalence, Dan. Try again. “Have to say, I was skeptical about the significance of the initial Corbyn spy story. But the hysteria of the Corbynites, and the failure of Corbyn himself to answer simple questions on it is very odd”. He’s guilty, really! It’s a fake story but it’s Jezza’s fault! Yeah, right.
Can it get worse? Hold Dan’s beer. “Remember the rule. Russia/Trump ‘very serious, must be investigated’. Russia/Brexit ‘very serious, must be investigated’. Russia/Corbyn ‘nothing to see here, move along’”. Er, Dan, NO RUSSIA-CORBYN CLAIMS HAVE BEEN MADE.
He can’t get any more clueless. Can he? “Question. If Labour does as well as expected in local elections, and London does become a solid red city, how does George Osborne keep the Standard a Conservative endorsing paper?” Shine a light. He can keep the Standard backing who he sodding well likes. He’s the editor. That’s how the press works.
Desperate Dan is vacant, even on the business he works in. Small wonder one observer noted “Logical fallacies aplenty from the Daily Heil's resident soothsayer and tarot card reader”, while another mused “The only explanation for Dan Hodges’s awful takes is that he always works backwards from the same basic premise without any interest in plausibility or consistency from one take to the next”.

And that’s being kind to him. He’s desperate, Dan.

Rees Mogg Democracy Perversion

The Brexit debate, as Martin Kettle has perceptively noted in a Guardian column, has turned a corner. There is a realisation that the idea of Britain leaving the European Union is not a good one, and that there is still time for the process to be reversed - especially given how little progress Theresa May and her merry band of malcontents have made in actually deciding what they want at the end of the process.
That realisation has not gone down well with hardline Europhobes: several, including former Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson, Labour-in-name-only Kate Hoey, and Dan, Dan The Oratory Man, have taken the reckless step of telling anyone that will listen that the Good Friday Agreement has “outlived its usefulness”. The GFA effectively stands in the way of any kind of hard Brexit. So it has to be attacked.

Desperation is also the name of the game for those opposed to any transition period longer than the 21 months already on the table. Anything longer is considered an act of treacherous backsliding, and on noticing that this period could become open-ended, the Member for Times Long Past, Jacob Rees Mogg, went off the end of the pier in no style at all to demand a stiffening of the sinews, a commitment to leaving Full Stop.

Commenting on a leaked document suggesting an open-ended transition, Rees Mogg loftily sniffedTransition must be time limited, the European Union itself has suggested twenty-one months to the end of the multiannual financial framework. It is, therefore, peculiar that the leak reveals Whitehall proposing the exact opposite. It reads: ‘the period’s duration should be determined simply by how long it will take to prepare and implement the new processes’: this translates from bureaucratese into English: ‘we must remain’”.

He then talks of “the perversion of democracy that BRINO [Brexit in name only] would be”, which is an interesting stance to take, given the recent activities of the European Reform Group, that party within a party, a band of hardline Brexiteers for whom nothing short of a hard Brexit will satisfy their thirst for an ideologically pure Government.

Although Rees Mogg and his pals make up a group 62 strong, that is only one-fifth of the Tories’ current Parliamentary strength. But that has not stopped the menacing tone of their letter to the PM: “we are writing to reassure you of our continued, strong backing for an internationally-engaged, free-trading, global Britain which you laid out at Lancaster House. We also want to share some suggestions about how it could be achieved”.

There then follow six bullet points effectively telling the Prime Minister what to do - with an implicit “or else”. She has no majority, and they are more than ready to bring her down. Given also that their strength is less than one tenth of the total number of MPs in the Commons, that rather puts Rees Mogg’s “perversion of democracy” in perspective.

Yet there is Jacob Rees Mogg, looking at the 550-plus MPs who do not share his world view, and complaining about a “perversion of democracy”.

Someone seems to be supping some very strong stuff, and the someone seems to be him.

Spy Lies - Newton Dunn Is Bust

Few journalists enjoy a higher media profile than the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn: when he is not occupied with being a snotty and snooty pain in the neck to those working in the House of Commons, he is inexplicably in demand by the broadcasters to bestow his superior insights on the political scene. Sadly, though, his credibility has taken a series of knocks recently, culminating in the Corbyn Fake News spy claims.
It should not be forgotten that the same Newton Dunn who fetches up on the BBC’s Sunday Politics panel, or on occasion participates in the paper review on The Andy Marr Show (tm), has had his name on the by-line of some of the most misleading, inflammatory, and downright untrue stories peddled by his paper. This may not yet deter the BBC’s bookers, but the viewing public are not so easily taken in by this charade.

Newton Dunn was the culprit when the Sun peddled its false “1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for Jihadis” claim in November 2015. The poll used to generate this headline had been run by Survation, as YouGov, the paper’s usual pollster, had declined to be involved.

The question that generated the headline was as follows: “Which of the following statements is closest to your view? … I have [a lot of/some/no] sympathy with young Muslims who leave the UK to join fighters in Syria”. But there are many groups that qualify as “fighters in Syria”, not least the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Newton Dunn’s conclusion was not mere exaggeration, but forthright dishonesty.

It was not an isolated example of his abysmal standards: in the run-up to the EU referendum, his name appeared on the by-line of the infamous “QUEEN BACKS BREXIT” story. It was only later that Newton Dunn, along with his deeply unpleasant editor Tony Gallagher, fouled up sufficiently that the story was exposed as single source hearsay - courtesy of another Murdoch asset, Michael “Oiky” Gove.

Now, Newton Dunn has put his name to stories claiming Corbyn should “come clean” on his alleged relationship with a Czech diplomat who turned out to be a liar and a fantasist. Jan Sarkocy was the only source for his claims. The source who claimed Jezza had told him what Mrs T would be wearing the next day. The source who claimed his country - a stony broke totalitarian state - paid for a Wembley pop concert.

What is worse is that Newton Dunn is a stinking hypocrite: he’s a Remain supporter, working for a paper which is rabidly pro-Leave. He’s sold his soul for an easy life. And now he’s put his name to the worst Fake News episode in the UK since the fake Iraqi WMDs. His reputation is in tatters. He is, more than ever, a mere figure of fun.
That will not trouble the bookers who line him up as one of “The Commentators Who Count”, a joke claim if ever there was one. Newton Dunn will carry on peddling whatever line the 13th floor hands down to him. But, however keen the broadcasters are to put him on their shows, the public know that, when they see him on their screens, they are being sold a pup. They know his opinion is not worth the hot air from which it is formed.

Tom Newton Dunn is bust. Yes, there he goes, on his way … out.

Spy Lies - Guido Fawkes Is Bust

Yesterday afternoon, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog ran yet another claim that the Labour Party had, in their words, been “useful idiots” for the Stasi, the security service of the then East Germany. Until yesterday, this might have been picked up by their pals in the press; by then, sadly, it was pointless for The Great Guido to even imagine such success.
That was because the Fawkes massive’s part in the fake “Red Scareclaims made against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had not only unravelled, but also the promised bonus of a Stasi file on Jezza had been exposed as nothing more than a mirage. The Murdoch Sun was certain that there was a Stasi file on Corbyn, and the only source for that certainty was the Fawkes claim that there was one, because they had confirmed it two years ago.

The only problem with that claim was that they had confirmed only the process by which a file held by the Stasi could be opened. They did not get confirmation that there was one on the Labour leader. Worse, the former Czech diplomat Jan Sarkocy turned out to be a liar and a fantasist, claiming Jezza had told him what Mrs T had for breakfast. Sarkocy claimed the Czechs paid for Live Aid, or maybe it was the later Mandela concert.

At least one of the claimed meetings Sarkocy had with Corbyn never took place: on the date concerned, Sarkocy was in London, but Jezza was at a conference in Chesterfield. He was caught on film, which formed part of an ITN report. By yesterday afternoon, this attempt by the Fawkes rabble and their press pals to kick Corbyn was finished.

But still the pretence was maintained: The Great Guido pitched “Get Corbyn To Sign The Stasi Archive’s Consent Form & Win A Piece Of The Berlin Wall”. Not quite as memorable as “Kill an Argie and win a Metro”, was it? Then reality intervened and readers were told “Following pressure from the British presss [sic] the Stasi archives have released an unprecedented statement saying they have not found any records for Corbyn”.

And to that I call bullshit. The Stasi archives made that statement the previous day, and it was duly reported by the Guardian. The deluded clowns at the Fawkes blog knew full well that they were lying; they did not care. Perhaps they will care now that the right-wing press, which bought their bullshit and expended a whole raft of front pages on it, have been made to look stupid and are looking for someone to blame.
They need look no further than the sleazebags who sold them the pup that was Jan Sarkocy. The Fake News outlet who reassured them all that there was a back-stop in Corbyn’s Stasi file. The sub-boot boy division of the Murdoch press whom Rebekah Brooks has on speed dial. Yes, Fawkes folks, they’re looking at you to explain how you conned them all into running the worst fake story since non-existent Iraqi WMDs.

All those who look in regularly on Zelo Street know that the Fawkes blog is a borderline Fake News outfit. Now their press pals know it too. Their problem is that they had to find out the hard way, by seeing their reputations pissed up the wall.

The Great Guido is bust. From now on, nobody with brain plugged in and a hole in their backside will trust this shower any further than they could chuck them. Good thing too.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Murdoch Droid Press Regulation Own Goal

Yesterday’s comment from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - “change is coming” - has not only sent our free and fearless press into a tailspin, along with its hangers-on, but has provided us with a superb example of why Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry should be allowed to proceed. And caught up in that tailspin has been fellow pundit shouting down specialist Sarah Baxter, who claims to be the deputy editor of the Murdoch Sunday Times.
Put the ball in my own net ... er, what's one of those?

Ms Baxter is a fully paid-up member of the Pundit Establishment, and as such she can be seen dismissively talking over someone from Stop Funding Hate one moment, then glorying in another opportunity to occupy part of the sofa on The Andy Marr Show (tm) the next. And as someone who has shamelessly taken the Murdoch shilling, she can be depended upon to parrot the approved line on press regulation.
That approved line also includes routinely trashing those who campaign for more effective and accountable regulation of the press, which for the Murdoch mafiosi is Streng Verboten. So when Max Mosley’s lawyers had the audacity to fire off a Letter Before Action in the general direction of those media outlets that have persistently smeared him over the recent past, she was prevailed upon to go into action on Rupe’s behalf.
This was a campaign which progressed not necessarily to her advantage: “Max Mosley, Donald Trump and Oleg Deripaska: The sex-mad rich don’t want you to read thiswas the title, but this immediately suggested one sex-mad and very rich person not on that list - Rupert Murdoch himself. Oops! And he certainly doesn’t want anyone to go delving into that part of his life - look at the abuse Lily Allen received.
Undeterred, Ms Baxter decided to have a swipe at Evan Harris of campaigning group Hacked Off. “I suppose @DrEvanHarris and #HackedOff would also side with oligarch #OlegDeripaska against anti-corruption activist @navalny - sad!” Harris replied to her. “I have replied to the three comments by @DrEvanHarris of #HackedOff on my piece. You can view them at the foot of this article”. Paywalled article demanding personal information? You can take that one and shove it. Put it in the public domain, thanks.

And there won’t be a debate between her and anyone from Hacked Off any time soon, either. But there will be the most unfortunate follow-up howler. Not satisfied with talking about the “sex-mad rich”, which means her boss’s name comes up, she then made the seriously unfortunate statement “Press regulation always comes down to protecting the powerful in the name of the people”. Yes Sarah - people like your boss (again).
That is exactly what campaigners like Harris (and Mosley) are about - stopping the powerful dumping on the little people. But thanks for letting the cat out of the bag. So when she sniped “Damian Green MP and Mark Goldring of Oxfam are walking PR disasters. Incapable of sounding gracious”, someone out there may have wondered if she might have a look in the nearest mirror. Because she certainly is.

Sarah Baxter had one job - kick the press regulation campaigners. She fouled it up royally. With achievements like that to her credit, Hacked Off can take a few hours off and leave it to her to do their job for them. Creepy Uncle Rupe will not be pleased.

Piers Morgan Jealousy Fail

After former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan escaped without being charged from the time when he was in the editor’s chair and phone hacking was going on on an industrial scale, got away with his involvement in the Viglen share affair, survived being axed by CNN, and still managed to con ITV into thinking he was the reason Good Morning Britain had improved its ratings, one might think he would be happy with his lot.
Yes thanks, we know who you are. Now answer the Judge's questions

But that thought would have been misplaced: despite all those Slebs that Morgan mingles with, despite his propensity to name dropping ad infinitum - and, indeed, ad nauseam - and despite his occasional success in blagging a table at the Chiltern Firehouse so he can bore fellow diners crapless with loudly recounted tales of how famous he is, honestly, Morgan remains a thin-skinned and touchily jealous individual.
I got dissed by Piers WHO?

He does, however, know how to piggyback on the fame of real stars, and so regularly picks scraps with them on the off-chance they might give him the time of day. So it was when he went after John Oliver, who actually made it in the USA. “Watching John Oliver repeatedly say ‘we’ & ‘us’ when discussing America is comical. Mate, you were born in the Midlands to a pair of Liverpudlian parents & speak in a thick Brummie accent. You’re about as American as cricket & mushy peas, you shameless old fraud!” he whined.
Shameless old fraud”? Oliver is 40. Morgan is 52. Do the math, as they say. His pal, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, had grandparents who were not only not American, but whose first language was not English. Also, if Morgan thinks Oliver speaks in a “thick Brummie accent”, he’d be in deep trouble if he ever encountered one. Still, on he droned: “Oh, @iamjohnoliver can roast me as much as he likes - he's a funny guy. He just can't do it while pretending to be American”. He isn’t pretending to be anything. Unlike Morgan.
Then came a reminder that Oliver has made it in the USA, and Morgan didn’t. The spin machine was duly fired up. “6yrs on America's No1 summer show AGT … Won Celebrity Apprentice … Hosted 1300+ prime time shows at CNN”. And how exactly does that stack up alongside nine Emmies, a Peabody, and a slot on the 2015 Time 100? It doesn’t.
Moreover, Oliver has his Green Card, a wife who is a US citizen, and they have a child who is also a US citizen. He’s entitled to talk of “we” and “us” on that basis. No, Morgan was still not having any of that. “I'm not 'suggesting' anything. Oliver is not American. Fact”. He’s not making a pain in the arse of himself boasting about who he knows, either.
And he wasn’t finished. There was, after all, still the matter of excusing his failure to win over CNN’s viewers. For this, Morgan had an excuse. “Yes, I was asked to ease off about guns. I declined”. Yeah, right. When did John Oliver last “ease off about guns”? He’s been giving airtime to the students calling BS on the establishment inertia following the Parkland shootings. Nobody gives the gun lobby a harder time. This is lame in the extreme.
But it might get him a little more attention, and convince ITV’s bosses that he really is worth the grief he causes his co-workers on Good Morning Britain. So that’s all right, then.

Corbyn Provokes Press Meltdown

Our free and fearless press has gone from baying wolfpack mode to playing the startled rabbit caught in oncoming headlights in very short order, after their days-old assault on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was turned on them yesterday. The claims made by Jan Sarkocy had already unravelled, despite the Ron Hopeful coverage from the Murdoch Sun, as Jezza seized the moment to remind them of a Labour manifesto commitment.
He released a video in which he toldA free press is essential for democracy and we don’t want to close it down, we want to open it up. At the moment, much of our press isn’t very free at all. In fact it’s controlled by billionaire tax exiles, who are determined to dodge paying their fair share for our vital public services”. And there was more.
The general election showed the media barons are losing their influence and social media means their bad old habits are becoming less and less relevant. But instead of learning these lessons they’re continuing to resort to lies and smears. Their readers - you, all of us - deserve so much better. Well, we’ve got news for them: change is coming”.
Change? What could that mean? Best to imagine a worst case scenario: the Rotten Lefties (tm) were coming for our brave journalists, the barricades had to be manned, boiling oil poured from the battlements. Whenever Jezza said change, it had to be reinterpreted in order to frighten the readers. Instead, the press only ended up frightening themselves.
The Mail confirmed the sudden incidence of involuntary bowel movements among those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet, telling “Jeremy Corbyn’s response to spy row: No answers and a chilling threat to Britain’s free Press” and whining “Mr Corbyn appeared to sign off with a threat to newspaper owners”. Not to a free press, though.
Over at the Baby Shard bunker, the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn was also needing a change of underwear: “Rattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn threatens free Press as he dodges spy scandal questions … At the end of 104 second rant, Mr Corbyn issued his thinly veiled vow for retribution”. Aw DIDDUMS!
Did no-one stop to ask what Jezza really meant? Why bother when you wanted to suck up to the Press Establishment? Christopher “No” Hope of the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph knew which side his bread was buttered: “Dear Mr Corbyn, Rather than attacking the Press for doing its job, why not say that any files on you held by any foreign power will be published?” So spreading Fake News is “Doing its job”. Ri-i-ight.
Mark Wallace at ConHome preferred a little paranoia: “To demonstrate he has nothing to do with communists, Jeremy Corbyn is now openly threatening that if he gets power he'll use it against media outlets that publish criticisms of him”. Perhaps they really are coming to get him. In any case, he knows “the Leveson inquiry was a farce, and its proposals were largely rather poor”. I mean, Lord Justice Leveson? Who does he think he is?

The Red Scare even affected Jim Waterson at BuzzFeed, who claimed erroneously “Corbyn directly threatens four national papers by name”, which does not augur well for the Guardian’s media coverage. Fortunately, Paul Waugh was there to confirm that Jezza meant the enactment of Leveson 2. Which was in the Labour manifesto. A measure which was passed by Parliament by acclamation. Still, details, eh?

Guido Fawked - Corbyn Stasi File ISN’T

Once again, the old adage that something which looks too good to be true probably is too good to be true comes into play, this time on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and information held on him by the former East German security services, the Stasi. As the claims by former Czech diplomat Jan Sarkocy have unravelled, the right-leaning part of the press has clung on to their faith in this catch-all back stop.
The Murdoch Sun told readersAN EAST German secret police file on Jeremy Corbyn is being kept under lock and key … It was drawn up when he was granted access by the state in the 1970s”. The Mail declaredTheresa May demands Jeremy Corbyn authorise the release of his 'Stasi file' after he was named in a foreign spy dossier as a contact for a Czech agent”. The Telegraph warnedJeremy Corbyn is under mounting pressure to authorise the release of Cold War files kept on him by the Stasi”.

There was a certainty here: the Stasi had a file on Jezza, and the press knew that it could be opened by his request. How did they know this, and why was it the Sun which was so certain of its ground? Ah well. We did not have long to wait for the answer, after the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog piped up.
Under the heading “What The Stasi Archivist Told Guido About Corbyn In 2016”, readers not yet asleep are toldThis was the response sent by the Stasi Records Agency (BStU) to Guido when he asked for Corbyn’s file way back in 2016”. Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes?

There is a way personal data about holders of political office can be released … ‘if the persons concerned have given their written consent specifying the name of the applicant, the project and the persons who will carry it out’ … Corbyn has the chance to clear his name if he tells the BStU he is happy for them to release his file”.
There was even a gloating “So Jeremy, if you could just sign a consent form for us we’ll clear this all up”. But there was one teensy problem with what the Fawkes massive had learned: what they had been told depends on the Stasi having held a file on the person concerned in the first place. And the Guardian had bad news for The Great Guido.
The German authorities responsible for the Stasi archive on Tuesday said they had found no documents on Corbyn. This included all files that can’t be released publicly for privacy protection reasons, spokesman Matthias Dziomba said”. There is no Stasi file on Corbyn.

Let me repeat that loudly and slowly: THERE IS NO STASI FILE ON JEREMY CORBYN.

The Fawkes rabble have bet their credibility on a document that does not exist. It is almost certain that their connection with the Murdoch mafiosi is why the Sun was so certain there was a file - because the Fawkes mob claimed to have made enquiries about it two years ago. But their enquiries clearly did not include confirmation that a file actually existed.
Zelo Street has told for some time that the Fawkes blog was a borderline Fake News site. There was good reason for this caution. Now the mainstream press knows it.

The Fawkes Corbyn Stasi claims are another pack of lies. Another fine mess, once again.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Milo Yiannopoulos Is Bust

It gives me no pleasure to say this … oh stuff it, yes it does. More than just a little pleasure. From the moment the deeply unsavoury Milo Yiannopoulos brought The Curse Of Zelo upon him by getting one of his gofers at The Kernel to write a hatchet job on this blog - he didn’t have the skill, or the spine, to do it himself - I have taken inordinate pleasure at every time this over-promoted sleazebag has come unstuck.
And today he has come properly, irretrievably unstuck: the lawsuit he so grandly announced last year against publishers Simon and Schuster, after they dropped his piss-poor memoir Dangerous following his apparent advocacy of paedophilia, has now been withdrawn. S&S will not be paying the overrated SOB a cent.

It all looked so different last October: then, USA Today reported that it was “Round one to Milo Yiannopoulos … The New York State Supreme Court on Thursday rejected Simon & Schuster’s motion to dismiss the right-wing provocateur’s $10 million lawsuit against the publisher for canceling his book, Dangerous … The case now moves on to the discovery phase”. But the euphoria was not to last beyond the new year.

His lawyers decided they had better things to do than entertain the deluded buffoon, so, as the HuffPost told its readers, “Meister Seelig & Fein will no longer represent far-right pot-stirrer Milo Yiannopoulos due to a ‘breakdown in the relationship,’ according to an emergency motion filed by the New York-based law firm this past Friday”. They discovered that he was a waste of time and space. But the Yiannopoulos ego remained undimmed.

I will now be representing myself pro se, so I can directly see the material, and I look forward to revealing Simon & Schuster’s perfidy in court”. But, sad to relate, the material remained unseen, and now the end has come, so Milo must face the final curtain. Yes, he did it his way, and his way was to end up looking even more stupid than before.

As The Bookseller has told, “Milo Yiannopoulos has dropped his multi-million pound legal case against Simon & Schuster US … The document revealing the alt-right columnist’s withdrawal from the New York State Supreme Court was circulated by the publisher on Tuesday (20th February) along with a statement saying it ‘stands by’ the decision to terminate its book deal with the controversial figure”. And there was more.
A S&S US spokesperson said: ‘We are pleased that Mr Yiannopoulos’ lawsuit has been withdrawn, with prejudice, and with no payment from Simon & Schuster. We stand by our decision to terminate the publication of Mr Yiannopoulos’ book’ … The British commentator does not yet appear to have referred to the withdrawal of the case on his Instagram or Facebook pages, where he has previously posted updates on the situation”.

Steady on, Stateside folks, don’t go blaming us for the creep. And don’t rush to deport him just yet - we’ve got enough sponging cretins in the media without having him back. Just allow us here in the UK to rejoice at the most deserving media downfall since Mazher Mahmood was caught lying (as in lying to a judge - he’d been lying to everyone else for decades). And don’t do anything for Yiannopoulos without getting cash for it up front.

Milo Yiannopoulos went to zero without ever becoming a hero. Just rejoice at that news.

Corbyn Smears - Bullying The Beeb

The propagation of Fake News occasionally encounters that insurmountable hurdle called reality - where the faux rage of confected headlines comes up against media organisations unwilling to participate in pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. So it is with the defamatory claims made against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his alleged meetings with a Czech diplomat in the late 1980s, and the BBC.
Right-leaning newspapers, pundits, and other sundry hangers-on have been as one on the claims, pushing them relentlessly, despite it slowly dawning on the rest of the world that someone here is stretching the story way beyond the limits of elasticity. But they have failed to persuade the Beeb that this is other than lame propagandising - and it is not in the Corporation’s remit to peddle Tory Party propaganda.

What to do? Simples. The boot boys of the Fourth Estate had to be summoned to administer the appropriate punishment beating. They had decreed that the cod Corbyn story be considered as news; therefore the BBC must be bent to their will. And by the most fortunate of coincidences, all the attacks on the Beeb came yesterday.

The Murdoch Sun, as so often with the nastiest boot boy tactics, went first, telling readersCorbyn’s supporters claim it happened a long time ago or rubbish our story as ‘fake news’ - conveniently ignoring the documents we published [which prove absolutely Sweet Jack] … The BBC haven’t been much better. They have either ignored the story or laughed it off as the latest harmless episode in the colourful adventures of Jolly Jezza, rather than another example of his terrible judgment”. Then came the Mail.
Here, it was Stephen “Miserable Git” Glover who had been selected by the Vagina Monologue to go over the top. “Far more worrying is the way the all-powerful BBC has hitherto avoided Sarkocy’s allegations, which have been met with vehement denials by the Labour Party. If you relied on our public service broadcaster for your news, as about half the nation does, you wouldn’t know anything about ‘Cob’” he sniffs.

You’d know little more from the Mail. But do go on. “All I can find on Auntie’s voluminous website is a tiny mention of a newspaper report … it can be fairly stated that the BBC has done its utmost not to give this story wider circulation”. Because it’s a pack of lies from start to finish, perhaps? But there was a third member of the bully triumvirate to come.

Yes, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog also had their orders, so out cameThe BBC News website still hasn’t covered the Agent COB spy scandal more than a week after it first broke”, followed by “Never mind the very serious questions Corbyn has to answer about his judgment and what information he passed the Czechs”. An old copy of a Sunday newspaper. Just f*** right off, O Great Guido.

It’s not the BBC’s job to validate defamatory propaganda for the panicked right wing, just to compensate for the bozoid bankruptcy of the Brexiteers, the teetering state of local Government after eight years of relentless cuts, the mess in the NHS and our overstretched emergency services. So they are right not to do so.

The Corbyn smears are Fake News. The public has figured that out. End of story.

Corbyn Smears - Lawyers Are Called

At long last, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn realised that the tsunami of potentially seriously defamatory claims about what he didn’t tell the Czech security agencies in the late 1980s would not abate, and called the lawyers in. It was not enough to stem the flow of Fake News pouring from the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate, but perhaps someone out there will get the message, and remember what happened last time this happened.
It was back in 1995 that the Murdoch Sunday Times libelled former Labour leader Michael Foot, claiming that he had been a paid Soviet agent. The late and not at all lamented Screws followed up with its own claims. Both papers settled with Foot, the Screws almost immediately, the Sunday Times after giving the impression it would tough it out. The prospect of Rupert Murdoch being summoned to court may have hastened settlement.
No man is of perfect courage

Perhaps someone mentioned this to Tory MP Ben “splat the chavs” Bradley, who made a flagrantly libellous Twitter claim about Jezza and the Eastern Bloc yesterday afternoon. Soon after, Corbyn let it be known that he had instructed lawyers to lean on the terminally clueless MP for Mansfield, and the Tweet was hurriedly deleted.
As Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman effectively repeated the libel when he Tweeted “Corbyn was a paid Communist spy? IF true, this is surely the moment Corbyn will face a challenge from Labour MPs who know that not to act would be electoral suicide. Watch Lady Nugee, Emily Thornberry, busily pretending not to prepare to be ready”, perhaps Jezza’s legal team might want a word with him too.
Also potentially on the legal radar should be Ben Wallace, representing Wyre and Preston North and a junior minister, likening the Labour leader to one of the infamous “Cambridge Four” when he snarked “‘Jeremy has been interested in Foreign Policy issues his entire political career’ - Labour MP Louis Haigh , BBC Daily Politics - yup so was Kim Philby”.
And when the legal eagles have finished with those two specimens of opportunist idiocy, there is the continuing appetite of the Tories’ press pals to consider, with a fresh batch of unsubstantiated claims being pitched as if they were true this morning.
The increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph ventured “Corbyn urged to reveal his Stasi file [not easy if he isn’t in possession of it] … May puts Labour leader under pressure to authorise release of East German records”. Did Theresa May even mention the former East Germany? No she didn’t, so that may interest the lawyers twice over.
Over at the Northcliffe House bunker, the obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre have been similarly adventurous with “As file reveals Czech spy called Labour leader ‘the right man to give information’, PM says it’s … TIME TO BE OPEN, COMRADE CORBYN”. Did she call Jezza “Comrade” or refer to him by name? Nope.
What press insiders really think about the story

And there just had to be another swipe from the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, who have told readers of “JEZ’S ‘COMMIE SUPPLY LINE’”. Once again, they rely on a single discredited source, and the heavy use of quote marks shows some serious hedging to be in progress. But the defamatory intent is all too clear.

Never mind one foolish MP. Forget IPSO. Take the SOBs to the cleaners, and now.